Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Author's Triumphant Return!

I've returned! It's been two damn years since I've considered this old thing, and I figured today would be a good day to blow the dust off the ol' hot dog blog. This time around I'm going to expand my focus to include many of my interests instead of covering processed meats exclusively. Sure, there will still be plenty of hot dog coverage, but I'd also like to use this blog as a venue to showcase the cocktails I make among other culinary creations and any other interesting things I encounter.

It started today with a random mid-afternoon text message from my friend Mama Bear.

"Cold brew coffee with vodka instead of water. Go!"

That set me to a tinkering in my home bar. After about an hour and a quarter of a bottle of Bak's Bison Grass vodka and some of my ol' lady's delicious cold brew I'd perfected my new favorite day-drinking cocktail.

In a tall (I use a mason jar) glass filled with ice add:
2 oz Bak's (or Sobieski, though it's not as smooth) Bison Grass Vodka
3 oz Cold brew coffee concentrate
2 oz Cold water

In our household we let the brew steep for 24-36 hours. It becomes almost a super-concentrate. Black crack. This time we used a Jamaican Blue blend and it's got great rich, chocolatey flavors that pair well with the orgeat-like nuttiness of the bison grass. With the amount of caffeine in each cocktail, I had quite a good day-off afternoon buzz going by the time I was done experimenting.

So cheers, Mama Bear. I think I've found my new favorite post-workweek pre-party energizer.

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