Thursday, June 16, 2011

Casey Moore's Fried Cheddar Dog Special

Behold: The Casey Moore's Oyster House Fried Cheddar Double Dog Special.

My local watering hole also doubles as a great lunch spot.  They offer reasonably priced daily specials that are usually pretty delicious.  Any time they have a hot dog on that menu, it proves to be the natural choice for me.  Yesterday, a coworker and I decided to grab lunch and a beer before work.  Lo and behold, they had this behemoth on the specials list.  For a mere six dollars I got two local natural casing all beef dogs and a mountain of melted cheddar cheese on a soft french roll along with a side of my choice.  This was a beast of a different nature.  The roll was fantastic.  Soft, but not at all doughy.  The dogs were that special kind of juicy that only comes from a deep fryer.  Your standard Ball Park Frank wouldn't hold up to all that hot oil, though.  The natural casing franks allowed them to remain crisp on the outside while retaining that burst of flavor and tenderness.  The cheese was another story.  What must have been six slices of sharp cheddar overpowered the flavor of the franks and led me to add some Arizona Gunslinger Jalapeno Pepper Sauce and wedge my dill pickle spear in between the franks.  This minor adjustment made it an enjoyable lunch, if somewhat underwhelming.  I'll give Casey's the benefit of the doubt one more time in regards to my beloved hot dogs.  If the next one is just as over-cheesed and greasy as this one, I'll have to stick to a salad or something.  And that would be tragic.

Rating: 2/5

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